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Patech Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd., as a member of the global village, is aware of the changes in our environment and has the responsibility to minimize our impacts and to restore the ecosystems. In lubricants and most of the personal care ingredients industry, palm oil and its derivatives are targeted as the most important sources of raw materials, and investments have been made to massively cultivate, produce and deforest palm crops, which caused negative impact to the environments. As an ester-based oleo-chemical manufacturer, we are deeply concerned about the potential risks to the environment during the process from raw material sourcing to manufacturing and downstream uses.

Treasuring the beautiful environments, as our core value, we are devoted and committed to offer a sustainable production and business trade. The Concept of sustainability is incorporated in our company policy, which drives us to be complaint with Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) regulations and to achieve even better operation as our future goal.

RSPO Membership and Certification
Through efforts of transforming our production and management system to a sustainable way, we became RSPO member since 2014 and obtained RSPO Supply Chain Certification in the same year under the Mass Balance model. This enabled us to provide our customers, either for industrial lubricants or for cosmetic & personal care ingredients, an option of sustainable palm sourced products.

To meet RSPO standards and minimize negative environmental and social impacts, we have our sourcing policy regarding palm oil and its derivatives specifically as below.

Patech’s Sourcing Policy for Palm Oil and Its Derivatives

  • 1. Full compliance with the laws in the country where they operates;
  • 2. A comprehensive and formal free prior and informed consent from indigenous people and local communities, including respect for workers rights and with a special attention to Palm Oil Small Holders
  • 3. The conservation and restoration of High Conservation Value and High Carbon stocks Areas when expanding palm plantations;
  • 4. The renouncement to peat clearance for new plantations and the adoption of a responsible maintenance system of peatlands in existing plantation.

As a palm oil derivative processor in Taiwan, we are rather far away from the upstream suppliers such as mills and plantations. However, we have strict criteria for our direct oleochemical suppliers, and we only purchase from suppliers with proof of sustainable source of palm oil and trustworthy policy. In addition, we regularly conduct survey to verify supplier’s status of transparency, policy for selecting upstream suppliers, and compliance with the principles of No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation. We make effort form our part in the supply chain to ensure sustainability has be executed thoroughly.

Direct – Oleochemicals Suppliers

  • IOI Acichem Sdn Bhd
  • Natural Oleochemicals Sdn Bhd (PT. Wilmar Nabati Indonesia)
  • Pacific Oleochemicals Sdn Bhd
  • PT. Musim Mas

Indirect – Refineries, Mills, and Plantations

  • Please refer to each supplier website.


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